Economic Truths My Professor Lied About (w/ David Bahnsen)

by | Jun 7, 2022

Defenders of free enterprise do not believe in a perfect administration under a market economy. Rather, we do not believe in the possibility of such. To the extent imperfect decision-making is accepted, we then seek to solve for who has the best chance of answering the question correctly, he with local knowledge or he without? He who will reap the consequences of his decision, or he who will not?

David L. Bahnsen, There’s No Free Lunch: 250 Economic Truths

David L. Bahnsen is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of the Bahnsen Group, he is also the author of There’s No Free Lunch: 250 Economic Truths.

There’s No Free Lunch: 250 Economic Truths

The Bahnsen Group





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