Economics Professor Refutes Socialism! Per L. Bylund & Keith Knight

by | Oct 17, 2020

Per L. Bylund, PhD, is assistant professor of entrepreneurship and Records-Johnston professor of free enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University.

Find his work here:

Twitter: @perbylund


The #1 Cause of Homelessness:

Why Healthcare is So Expensive:

0:00 – Quote 0:36 – What is economics? (and everyday examples)

3:22 – The importance of Praxeology aka Human Action

5:47 – The importance of the entrepreneur

8:29 – Labor Theory of Value

13:15 – Why those who care about the poor should support free markets

15:45 – How can we measure the standard of living?

24:03 – Real world examples of where the free market works

27:50 – How does government regulation affect our everyday lives?

37:14 – Why so many libertarians are economists

39:50 – The Socialist Calculation Problem

49:10 – The monopoly objection

55:03 – Major Adam Smith contributions in economics

57:41 – Rent control

1:01:12 – Favorite economist of all time?






About Keith Knight

Keith Knight is Managing Editor at the Libertarian Institute, host of the Don't Tread on Anyone podcast and editor of The Voluntaryist Handbook: A Collection of Essays, Excerpts, and Quotes.

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