How to Wipe the Smirk Off the Face of Idiots Who Call You a “Conspiracy Theorist”

by | Oct 31, 2020

… government is always and everywhere the potential or actual aggressor against the rights and liberties of the people. Liberty, the source of all the fruits of civilization and human happiness, is ever liable to suffer the aggressions and encroachments of government, of power, the source from which war, tyranny, and impoverishment ever flow. Power always stands ready to conspire against liberty, and the only salvation is for the public to keep government within strictly limited bounds, and to be ever watchful, vigilant, and hostile to the inevitable tendencies of government power to encroach upon liberty.


Murray N. Rothbard 
Conceived in Liberty v. 2, p. 192; p. 690

List of proven conspiracies, along with events that deserve looking into-

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