Libertarian Lessons from ‘The 48 Laws of Power’. Pete Quiñones, Popular Liberty, & Keith Knight

by | Nov 8, 2021

In all societies, public opinion is determined by the intellectual classes, the opinion molders of society. For most people neither
originate nor disseminate ideas and concepts; on the contrary, they tend to adopt those ideas promulgated by the professional intellectual classes, the professional dealers in ideas. Now, throughout history … despots and ruling elites of States have had far more need of the services of intellectuals than have peaceful citizens in a free society. For States have always needed opinion-molding intellectuals to con the public into believing that its rule is wise, good, and inevitable; into believing that the “emperor has clothes.”

Murray N. Rothbard
For a New Liberty, pp. 13–14

Pete Quiñones

Andrew – Popular Liberty

The AntiTax – The First Step To A Private Society w/ Andrew From Popular Liberty








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