New Libertarian Manifesto – Book Summary & Analysis. John Bush & Keith Knight

by | Mar 3, 2021

John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns Brave Botanicals which offer high quality kratom and CBD and founded the Freedom Cell Network, a mutual aid society intended to help individuals secure their inherent sovereignty. 


… the contractual society of the market is a genuinely cooperative society. Each person specializes in the task for which he is best fitted, and each serves his fellow men in order to serve himself in exchange. Each person, by producing for exchange, cooperates with his fellow men voluntarily and without coercion.


Murray N. Rothbard
Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market, pp. 99–100

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About Keith Knight

Keith Knight is Managing Editor at the Libertarian Institute and host of the Don't Tread on Anyone podcast.

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