Statist Finds Out He’s A Voluntaryist! – Larken Rose & Hodey Johns

by | Nov 15, 2020

Statist Finds Out He’s A Voluntaryist! – Larken Rose & Hodey Johns

by | Nov 15, 2020

Statist Finds Out He's An Anarchist

The state cannot be fought by simply boycotting it, as a private business could, because an aggressor does not respect the negative judgement revealed by boycotts.  But it also simply cannot be fought by countering its aggression with defensive violence, because the state’s aggression is supported by public opinion.  Thus, everything depends on a change in public opinion………In order for the state to fail in reaching its objective, no more and no less than a change in general public opinion must take place: state-supportive action must come to be regarded and branded as immoral because it is support given to an organization of institutionalized crime. 

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, Pg. 195-6


Full video here, thanks to Patrick Smith at Disenthrall:





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