The Case for Free Market Capitalism

by | Apr 23, 2020

(images from New Zealand and Hong Kong- two of the three most freest economies in the world, source:

Capitalism: A social system based on the explicit recognition of private property and non aggressive contractual exchanges between private property owners.

0:06 – Capitalism Defined

0:26 – Proper definition of capitalism

1:01 – Is capitalism moral?

2:15 – Walter Williams on history before capitalism

2:45 – Robber Barons

5:21 – “Men are not angels”

5:51 – Child labor

6:58 – Inequality

9:13 – Monopoly


17:48 – Environment

20:33 – Exploits workers

23:23 – Recession

25:28 – Who benefits?

29:17 – Further reading




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