The Economics of Ignorant Voters. Bryan Caplan and Keith Knight

by | Jan 20, 2021

The Economics of Ignorant Voters. Bryan Caplan and Keith Knight

by | Jan 20, 2021

Bryan Caplan


It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, aft er all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a “dismal science.” But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.

Murray N. Rothbard 
Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, p. 202


Bryan Caplan is a professor of Economics at George Mason University

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0:00 – Quote

0:37 – The Paradox of Democracy

1:08 – Are voters ignorant?

2:46 – Is the solution to educate the populace?

4:30 – Ignorance in the market v. political sphere

6:04 – Why aren’t ignorant voters humble?

8:39 – Anti-market bias

10:15 – Paul Krugman’s inconsistent free market criticism – Fallacy of Unattainable Perfection 

14:09 – Anti-foreign bias

20:39 – Pessimistic bias

24:15 – Thesis of The Case Against Education

25:20 – Thesis of Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids (unable to find corresponding video)

30:50 – Public choice theory

33:22 – Define economics

36:14 – Why some countries are rich and others are poor

41:10 – Profits over people?

50:01 – What makes wages rise?

51:11 – What made you an Anarcho-Capitalist?

54:22 – Most important thing you learned from Don Boudreaux?

57:45 – Favorite economist? 





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Keith Knight is the founder of the YouTube, Minds, and BitChute Channel- "Keith Knight - Don't Tread on Anyone". Having supported Barack Obama in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012, he become a Libertarian Anarchist after running out of arguments for when initiating violence is morally permissible. His goal in life, is to spread knowledge of critical thinking, the Non-Aggression Principle, Self-Ownership, natural law and the Private Property Ethic.

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