The Scam Republicans Keep Falling For! w/ Olivia Rondeau

by | Nov 17, 2021

… the Constitution has proved to be an instrument for ratifying the expansion of State power rather than the opposite. … any written limits that leave it to government to interpret its own powers are bound to be interpreted as sanctions for expanding and not binding those powers. In a profound sense, the idea of binding down power with the chains of a written constitution has proved to
be a noble experiment that failed.

…The libertarian system would meet this problem by scrapping the entire notion of creating a government — an institution with a coercive monopoly of force over a given territory — and then hoping to fi nd ways to keep that government from expanding. The libertarian alternative is to abstain from such a monopoly government to begin with.

Murray N. Rothbard, Ph.D.
For a New Liberty, p. 84

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Olivia Rondeau is a political commentator, journalist, and liberty activist. She is a podcast host and staff writer at the Foundation for Economic Education, columnist at The Rogue Review, and a contributor to The Daily Caller and Timcast. She covers a wide range of topics, including culture to policy.

Full discussion: Progressivism is Unequal, & Conservatism is Uncivilized







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