The Secret to Saving Progressivism!

by | Jan 26, 2021

Gary Chartier is a left anarchist, consultant, speaker, coach, writer, philosopher, and teacher.


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The Secret: Reallocate hatred of the exploiters. The exploiters are NOT “business owners, the rich, the 1%, whites, men, capitalists, investors” etc. The exploiters are those who achieve their ends violently in non-contractual, non-consensual ways; this means all government by definition, and those who initiate aggression regardless of income or status.

“The Jimmy Dore type of leftist (the ones who are anti-state but also support social safety nets) could have most to everything they want in an anarchist society in the form of mutual aid societies. Those are the types of leftists that are worth reaching out to, unlike neoliberals” – @Ace_Archist

0:00 – Mises quote

0:31 – What does “we support markets mean”?

1:10 – What about slave markets immoral?

2:25 – What is a “freed market”?

3:23 – Holding the powerful accountable

5:48 – Where will I be represented?

10:11 – Women and minorities

16:56 – Government – Inherently Evil or Neutral Tool?

23:36 – Financial inequality

30:53 – Do we need government regulation?

36:47 – Monopolies

41:59 – Should I have to work to live?

47:38 – Healthcare

54:48 – Is the employee/employer relationship exploitative?

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