The Ultimate Red Pill (Complete Video)

by | Jan 27, 2021

The Ultimate Red Pill (Complete Video)

by | Jan 27, 2021

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Red-pilling is the belief that what is presented as fact by the corporate press is a carefully constructed narrative intentionally designed to keep some very unpleasant people in power.


Michael Malice

LBRY (download mp4):






0:00 David Friedman

0:13 Owen Benjamin and Stefan Molyneux

4:01 Dave Rubin and Bryan Caplan

7:17 Ben Shapiro

8:06 Ayn Rand and Phil Donahue

9:45 Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux

11:00 Larken Rose

12:45 Joe Rogan and Stefan Molyneux

13:00 Dave Smith and Joe Rogan

18:00 I don’t know

19:08 Jacob Hornberger 

20:39 Penn Jillette

32:31 Rand Paul

34:34 Stefan Molyneux

34:51 Bill Whittle

44:48 Tom Woods for moment

44:53 Dennis Prager

46:53 Keith Knight reading Larken Rose

47:19 Sargon of Akkad and Stefan Molyneux

49:47 The Audiopedia – Argumentation Ethics

51:19 Keith Knight and Larken Rose

52:30 Jeff Berwick

52:55 Stefan Molyneux

53:43 blip regarding Rothbard, Love, Life & Anarchy

54:22 Adam Carolla 

55:43 Jan Helfeld and Bernie Sanders

1:01:21 Adam Kokesh

1:04:26 Stefan Molyneux

1:19:10 James Corbett

1:20:38 Judge Andrew Napolitano

1:23:27 Tom Woods

1:31:18 Jeffrey Tucker

1:32:05 Steven Crowder

1:32:48 Keith Knight reading Larken Rose

1:33:19 HighImpactVlogs

1:33:32 Walter Block

1:41:13 Tim Allen

1:41:36 Larken Rose

1:54:11 Mark Passio

2:14:03 Walter Block

2:17:26 Keith Knight reading Rothbard

2:17:41 Michael Malice and Stefan Molyneux

2:18:05 Godfrey Bloom

2:19:27 Ron Paul

2:24:06 HighImpactVlogs

2:25:28 Jason Stapleton

2:29:07 The Pholosopher

2:33:30 Doug Casey

2:44:46 John Stossel

2:44:56 Dave Smith

2:55:44 Toine Manders

3:00:06 Academy of Ideas?

3:09:33 Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul

3:14:14 Chase Rachels

3:21:07 The Pholosopher

3:22:47 Adam Kokesh

3:24:52 Larry Sharpe and Keith Knight

3:35:23 Adam Kokesh

3:36:03 Stefan Molyneux

3:51:30 Mance Rayder

3:52:10 Adam Kokesh

3:54:58 Keith Knight reading Larken Rose

3:59:07 Ken Schoolland and Lux Lucre animation – Self ownership

4:07:22 Milo Yiannopoulos

4:07:46 Mark Passio

4:23:09 Yaron Brook

4:31:01 Robert Higgs

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