There Are No Good Arguments for Government, Give It Up

by | Jan 2, 2021

Each individual should have the freest possible scope for the development of his faculties and his personality. In order to have this scope, he must have freedom from violence against himself. Violence can only repress and destroy human growth and endeavor, and neither can reason and creativity function under an atmosphere of coercion. If each person has equal defense against violence, this “equality before the law” will permit him to maximize his potentialities.

Murray N. Rothbard
Education: Free and Compulsory, p. 6

LBRY / Odysee:




0:00 – Art Carden, Professor of Economics at Samford University

2:08 – Jason Brennan, Professor at Georgetown University

5:19 – Bryan Caplan, Professor of economics at George Mason University

9:14 – Jason Brennan, Professor at Georgetown University

12:18 – Johan Norberg, Swedish author and historian

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