What Justin Amash Should Have Told Meet the Press

by | May 9, 2020

“… my basic motivation for being a libertarian had never been economic but moral. … While I was convinced that the free market was more efficient and would bring about a far more prosperous world than statism, my major concern was moral: the insight that coercion and aggression of one man over another was criminal and iniquitous, and must be combatted and abolished.”

Murray N. Rothbard
Betrayal of the American Right, pp. 73–74

Justin Amash appeared on Meet the Press, and frankly did a horrendous job considering we seldom have the chance to reach so many people who need to hear the libertarian message the most. I give the answers I think he should have provided, and link to his abomination in the video’s description.

The man for the job of LP presidential nominee is Jacob Hornberger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYgeAEQdB-Y&t=1s 

This video on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/E3n9ecu13Kdu/ 

Archive: https://archive.org/details/untitled-design

LBRY: https://lbry.tv/@KeithKnightDontTreadOnAnyone:b/BONUS-What-Justin-Amash-Should-Have-Told-Meet-the-Press:6

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