Episode 657: ‘Escape The City’ w/ Author, Travis Corcoran

by | Nov 14, 2021

Episode 657: ‘Escape The City’ w/ Author, Travis Corcoran

by | Nov 14, 2021

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Travis J I Corcoran is a Catholic anarcho-capitalist, a software engineer, and a business owner. He is an amateur at farming, wood turning, blacksmithing, cooking, throwing ceramic pots, and a few other things.

He lives on a 50 acre farm in New Hampshire with his wife, dogs, livestock, and a variety of lathes and milling machines.

Travis has had non-fiction articles published in several national magazines including Dragon, Make, and Fine Homebuilding.

The Powers of the Earth is his first novel and won the Prometheus Award for best libertarian fiction.

Travis joins Pete to talk about his books, Escape the Cities Vol 1 + 2. They talk about the reasons for leaving cities, how he set up his homestead, what are the essentials and provides a couple tips from his books for getting started. They then talk about his two Prometheus Award-winning Sci-Fi novels, The Powers of Earth and Causes of Separation.

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