COI #139: Congress Let the President Steal War Powers, Can It Take Them Back?

by | Jul 23, 2021

COI #139: Congress Let the President Steal War Powers, Can It Take Them Back?

by | Jul 23, 2021


On COI #139, Kyle breaks down a new bill that would repeal the War Powers Act and replace it with a new law that seeks to give Congress back more control over foreign policy. The proposed law fixes several critical problems with the War Powers Act and repeals the 2001 AUMF without replacing it. The bill gives Congress more control over weapon sales and national emergency declarations. However, it falls short of stripping the president of the power to start a war.

One president after the next has torn the Constitution to shreds, assuming more and more unilateral power to declare war. Nearly every president violated the most crucial article of the Constitution. Congress often gave nods of approval to the usurpations of power. For any law to limit executive war power, it requires Congress to stand up and impeach rogue presidents.

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