COI #55 – Is Trump Plotting a Coup in the US or Regime Change in Iran?

by | Jan 7, 2021

COI #55 – Is Trump Plotting a Coup in the US or Regime Change in Iran?

by | Jan 7, 2021


On COI #55, Connor Freeman returns to the show to talk about the unrest at the US Capitol and Biden’s Iran policy. Yesterday, Trump supports pushed past police lines and broke into the Capital Building as Congress was voting to affirm the Electoral College vote. The unrest forced a temporary halt to the congressional proceedings, Biden’s electoral victory was certified by Congress later in the day. Law enforcement murdered a woman as they were trying to force Trump supporters out of the Capital.

Kyle and Connor discuss if Trump attempted a coup, the treatment of Trump supporters by police, and the impact this will have on the country.

Connor breaks down Biden’s potential Iran policy. He first explains how Israel and the US deep state worked to push Trump into a more aggressive policy against Iran. Then, Kyle and Connor discuss how Biden’s hawkish cabinet will likely push him against returning to the JCPOA and removing sanctions against Iran. The Trump administration has also taken a very aggressive anti-Iran policy since Trump’s election defeat. Hawks in Trump’s cabinet like Mike Pompeo are constraining Biden’s ability to improve the relationship with Iran by aggressive military maneuvers and additional sanctions.

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