Korean Peace & African Instability

On FPF #358, I discuss the effort to make a deal with North Korea and instability in some African countries. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said he sees no reason to restart war games with South Korea. I explain this is a good sign that the US intends to remain in the freeze for freeze agreement with North Korea. Staying in the agreement will allow South Korea to continue to try to provide aid and economic development with North Korea.  

In Sudan and Algeria, popular uprisings had setback against the ruling military councils in both countries. The Algerian ruling council canceled elections scheduled for next month. In Sudan, government forces entered a protest camp and killed over 30 people. The killing is a significant escalation in violence against the Sudanese protesters. In the Congo, government forces battled militants in an active Ebola zone. 


Counties beef up militaries in response US/China

Pompeo/Trump temper excitement about the Deal of the Century

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