Trump Is Setting Biden Up for a War With Iran

by | Dec 4, 2020

Trump Is Setting Biden Up for a War With Iran

by | Dec 4, 2020

On Conflicts of Interest #42, Kyle explains how Trump’s Iran policy will position Biden to start a war with Iran. The Daily Beast reports Trump has delegated increasing tensions with Iran to Secretary of State Pompeo. Pompeo hates Iran and wants nothing more than to see American bombs killing Iranians. Biden, of course, will have to option to de-escalate once he takes office. However, the president-elect has assembled a cabinet of war hawks.

The latest escalation is the assassination of an Iranian scientist. Gareth Porter explains in a recent article that the information that claimed the scientist was working a clandestine nuclear weapons program is false. In fact, the “evidence” is from a debunked cache of documents that Israel has used to fear-monger against Iran in the past.

Kyle discusses how the government screwed the immigrant woman who gave Bob Kraft a happy ending. The woman will be forced to pay a $31,000 fine and her business has been destroyed. The claims that she was involved in sex trafficking turn out to be another government lie.

Kyle talks about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. With at least 235,000 dead Yemenis in the five-year war, Trump is now threatening to label the government of northern Yemen, the Houthi, as a terrorist group. The label comes with sanctions that make it nearly impossible for groups to deliver aid. With 100,000s of children on the brink of starvation, aid is crucial to their survival. The UN warns the crisis will get worse if the US adds the sanctions.


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