Episode 364: ‘Animating’ What A Voluntary/ANCAP Town Would Look Like

by | Jan 15, 2020

Episode 364: ‘Animating’ What A Voluntary/ANCAP Town Would Look Like

by | Jan 15, 2020

58 Minutes


Pete invited animator and ANCAP Tomasz Kaye to the show. Tomasz is most famous for his animated, 4-minutes video, “George Ought to Help.” Tomasz uses his animation skills to communicate the ideas of voluntaryism and anarcho-capitalism but is also a huge fan of decentralization and voluntary communities.

Pete and Tomasz discuss some objections that many people have particularly when it comes to how certain situations that would arise would be handled absent the monopoly on force and violence that is the State.

George Ought to Help

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Tomasz’s Article Against the NAP

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