New Roundup 10/11/18

  • Caitlin Johnstone explains why the glorification of Nikki Haley is unearned. [LInk]
  • Russia is ready to extend the New START Treaty with the US. [Link]
  • Erik Prince is meeting with influential Afghanis to push his plan to privatize the Afghan War. [Link]
  • US intelligence intercepts show Saudi Arabia was attempting to lure missing journalist Khashoggi back to the kingdom. [Link]
  • Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s net worth is down 58%. [Link]
  • A US citizen is detained in Israel for supporting for the boycott of Israeli products. [Link]
  • Adel Abdul Mehdi has been named the new Iraqi Prime Minister. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn gives analysis on Iraq’s new leaders. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama updates the Syrian battlefield. [Link]
  • Rep Khanna and Sen Warren call for the US to end support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. [Link]
  • Al-Shabaab executes five people convicted of spying. One of the men alleged to be a British spy. [Link]
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