News Roundup 10/18/19

US News

  • The US restores aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvidor. The aid was cut because Trump felt these countries were not doing enough to help stop refugees from coming to the US. [Link]
  • The US sent a warship into the Black Sea. This is the 7th US warship to enter the sea this year. Last year the US sent five warships into the Black Sea. [Link]
  • The US is reported to have offered North Korea partial sanctions relief in exchange for North Korea getting rid of key parts of its nuclear program. [Link]


  • Protests continue to Catalonia as the Spanish government has imprisoned the region’s former leadership. The protests have seen over 100 injured a dozen people arrested. The Catalan leadership has now called for a new independence referendum. [Link]


  • Reports claim that five people have been killed in Kashmir. In one incident, Indian forces killed three militants. Two civilians are reported to have been killed by militants in separate incidents. [Link]


  • Preliminary Afghan election results will be delayed a week to ten days. Both election front runners have claimed victory. [Link]


  • The White House releases a letter Trump sent to Erdogan on October 9th. The letter tells Erdogan not to invade Syria. [Link]
  • The US made a ceasefire agreement with Turkey. The deal will last five days and allow the Syrian Kurds to withdraw from the “safe zone” along the Turkish border. [Link]
  • Kurdish forces claim 218 civilians have been killed in the Turkish invasion. [Link]]


  • Nigerian police free 500 people from an Islamic school. About 200 of those freed were regularly abused. [Link]
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