News Roundup 11/22/19

US News

  • Tennessee is refusing to test DNA that could prove a man, who has already been executed, is innocent. [Link]
  • The Department of Defense awarded $49 million in grants to 91 colleges. [Link]
  • The House passes the Hong Kong Human Rights Bill blocking some weapon sales and allowing sanctions against officials. Trump is expected to sign the bill. [Link]


  • The Pentagon denies a report from South Korean media claiming the US is considering dropping US troop levels in South Korea. [Link]
  • China and South Korea sign an agreement to form more security ties. [Link]


  • Netanyahu’s main political rival, Gantz, failed to form a government. Under the Israeli constitution, the legislator is now given 21 days to nominate someone who can form a government, or Israel will hold another round of elections. [Link]
  • Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges. The most serious charges are exchanging influence for positive news coverage. Moon of Alabama explains the indictment makes Netanyahu even more dangerous. [Link]

Middle East

  • The USS Abe Lincoln carrier strike entered the Persian Gulf. [Link]
  • The IAEA says it is traveling to Iran to meet with officials about a site that tested positive for mined, unenriched uranium. It is unclear if the site did have this form of uranium; it would violate any agreement. [Link]
  • Israeli airstrikes in Syria killed Twenty-three people. The strikes occurred Wednesday, and two civilians were among the dead. [Link]
  • Iraqi security forces killed at least four protesters on Thursday. [Link]
  • The UK has doubled its weapon sales to Saudi Arabia since Saudi Arabia started a war against Yemen. Most of the weapon sales have been missiles. [Link]


  • US officials have met with a Libyan politician who is a representative of Haftar. [Link]
  • Islamist militants, believed to be the ADF, killed 19 and burned a church to the ground in the Congo. [Link]
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