News Roundup 11/29/18

  • Julian Assange is living in isolation. [Link]
  • US Air Force General Charles Brown says the US has stopped flying bombers over the Korean Peninsula. [Link]
  • The Israeli military has shot over 6,000 Gazan protesters in the past eight months. [Link]
  • Israel has destroyed 30 Palestinian owned buildings in November. [Link]
  • An Argentinian prosecutor accepts a case against MbS for crimes against humanity. [Link]  
  • Saudi Arabia is negotiating a nuclear agreement with the US. Paul Pillar explains the Saudi desire to develop nuclear weapons. [Link]
  • Several Republican Senators are standing against Trump’s statement on the Khashoggi murder. A few of the Senators are questioning the US relationship with Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • U.S. Forces are securing locations for manned Observation Posts on Syrian-Turkish border.[Link]
  • Over 200 people have been killed in fighting between the US-backed Kurdish forces and ISIS. Over 50 of the dead are civilians killed by US airstrikes. Nearly 100 of the dead are Kurdish fighters. [Link]
  • Col Douglas Macgregor makes the argument for leaving Syria. [Link]  
  • Brad Hoff on the history of Syrian rebels using chemical weapons. [Link]
  • A US airstrike kills at least 30 civilians – including 16 children – in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Senate votes 63-37 to hold a debate on the Yemen War. [Link]
  • A YouGov poll shows 58% of Americans oppose the war in Yemen. A poll from earlier this month shows ⅓ of Americans are unaware of the Yemen War. [Link]
  • The US “slammed the breaks” on a UK proposed UN Security Council resolution that called for a ceasefire and an end of the blockade in Yemen. [Link]
  • A Saudi airstrike kills a Yemeni woman and five of her children. [Link]
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