News Roundup 11/30/18

  • Three St. Louis police officers were indicted for beating an undercover cop. [Link]
  • Trump and Putin will meet December 1st. [Link] Trump canceled his meeting with Putin. Trump said he was canceling the meeting over Russia’s refusal to release Ukrainian ships and sailors. [Link]
  • The US sails a destroyer through the Taiwan Strait. [Link]
  • North Korea is open to allowing inspections at its main nuclear site. [Link]
  • Senator Graham threatens to withhold all key votes until the CIA briefs the Senate on Khashoggi. [Link]
  • The Israeli Supreme Court rules to allow the use of stress positions. [Link]
  • A US soldier killed in Afghanistan likely died of friendly fire from Afghan forces. [Link]
  • Iraq bombs two sites in Syria. Iraq reports 40 IS fighters were killed in the strike. [Link]
  • Secretary of State Pompeo warns against passing a Yemen War Powers Act resolution. [Link]
  • An oil-rich region of Yemen declares independence. [Link]
  • Weapons made by Western countries then sold to the UAE and Saudi Arabia end up in the hands of the Yemeni Army, the Houthi, AQAP, and ISIS. [Link]
  • Nigerian extremists groups are using drones. [Link]
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