News Roundup 12/2/19

US News

  • The California DMV is making $50 million a year selling drivers information. [Link]
  • Jordan Smith explains fingerprint analysis can be a complex and subjective science. The so-called experts who testify in criminal trials have dubious qualifications. [Link]

The New Cold War

  • NATO awards Boeing a $1 billion contract to upgrade AWACS recognisances planes. [Link]
  • Russia formally proposes to extend the NEW START Treaty for five years. Russia says it is also open to a shorter extension. [Link]


  • 21 people were killed in a shootout between drug cartels and Mexican police. [Link]


  • Bolivia’s coup government is shifting its diplomatic ties towards the US and Brazil and away from Cuba and Venezuela. [Link]


  • Trump traveled to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving. He said he believes the Taliban would engage in a ceasefire. The Taliban confirmed they have resumed talks with the US. [Link]
  • The top US general says peace talks have a higher chance of working this time. [Link]
  • Fifteen members of an Afghan family were killed by a roadside bomb on the way to a wedding. [Link]


  • At least 45 protesters were killed by Iraqi security forces across southern Iraq. The protesters broke into then burned an important Iranian consulate. [Link]
  • Iraq’s Prime Minister Mahdi announces his resignation. In the past two months, more than 400 protesters have been killed. [Link]
  • Protests in Iraq continue after the Prime Minister announced his resignation. [Link]


  • Four Ebola workers in the Congo were killed in attacks on several Ebola treatment facilities by the Mai Mai militia. [Link]
  • Nineteen civilians were killed by militants in the eastern Congo. The ADF, a jihadist militia, is believed to be behind the attack. Last month, the Congolese government launched a crackdown against militants. Since militias have killed over 80 civilians in relititory attacks. [Link]
  • In a separate attack, 14 civilians were killed. It is believed jihadist militants are behind this attack. [Link]
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