News Roundup 12/4/18

  • Two US police departments canceled a planned training with the Israeli military. [Link]
  • Lt Gen Frank McKenzie begins his confirmation process to become CENTCOM Commander. [Link]
  • The Intercepted Podcast explains how the US foreign policy created the crisis on the southern border. [Link]
  • Alfred McCoy explains the history of major geopolitical thinkers and how their grand ideas caused destruction. [Link]
  • Trump and Xi meeting at the G20 resulted in a trade truce. Trump has agreed to delay new tariffs on China by 90 days. [Link]
  • Japan is planning to acquire an additional 100 F-35s. [Link]
  • Russia and OPEC agree to extend their oil production pact till 2019. [Link]
  • The CIA has evidence of 11 communications between MbS and Saud al Qahtani on the day of the Khashoggi murder. Qahtani is a key adviser to MbS and a member of the team that assassinated Khashoggi. [Link]    
  • A fourth US soldier dies from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • A US airstrike killed ten civilians in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports over 200 Syrian civilians were killed by US airstrikes in November. [Link]
  • The Hill lays out the path ahead for S J Res 54. [Link]
  • A UN plane will evacuate 50 Houthi rebels from Sanaa to Oman for medical treatment. [Link]
  • Nick Turse explains the massive US military presence in Africa. [Link]
  • A massive outbreak of violence in South Sudan leaves 125 women/girls brutalized. [Link]
  • The Congo Ebola outbreak is now the second worst in history. 242 people have died. [Link]
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