News Roundup 12/7/18

  • At least 45 journalists have been killed for their work in 2018. [Link]
  • Senators are looking to pass a law that punishes companies who support BDS. [Link]
  • The Saudi Ambassador to the US, and the younger brother of MbS, KbS returns to the US. He fled after the Khashoggi murder. [Link]
  • Tirta Parsi explains Trump’s anti-Iran coalition is falling apart. [Link]
  • Afghanistan accounted for the most terrorism deaths in 2017. Over 4,600 people were killed. [Link]
  • Yemen peace talks open in Sweden. [Link]  
  • A UN group finds 73,000 Yemenis are living in famine. [Link]
  • About 60% of electricity generated in Liberia is stolen. [Link]
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