News Roundup 2/13/2024

by | Feb 13, 2024

News Roundup 2/13/2024

by | Feb 13, 2024

US News

  • House Committee Advances Bill that Reduces Transparency Over Weapon Sales Baltimore Sun
  • Senate Passes Massive $95 Billion War Funding Bill NBC News


  • Norway Warns ‘Russia Is in a Stronger Position Now Than a Year Ago’ Kyiv Post The Institute 
  • Seized Russian Yacht Is Costing the US Over $7 Million Per Year to Maintain AWC
  • Anti-Conscription Protests Emerge in Ukraine The Institute 


  • China Hawk Rep. Mike Gallagher to Visit Taiwan Next Week FT


  • Dutch Court Blocks F-35 Part Sales to Israel Over ‘Clear Risk’ of Human Rights Violations AWC
  • Biden Not Reconsidering ‘Unequivocal’ Support for Israel’s Gaza Slaughter AWC
  • Israel Throws Palestinian Rights Lawyer in Jail Without Charges AJ
  • CIA Chief Burns Heads to Egypt for Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal Talks AWC
  • Israel Blocking US-Funded Flour Shipment to Gaza Axios AWC
  • EU’s Top Diplomat Slams US for Continuing to Arm Israel AWC
  • Israel Orders Evacuation of Largest Operating Hospital In Gaza Then Fires on Fleeing Civilians NYT
  • Sen. Van Hollen Calls Israelis ‘War Criminals,’ Votes to Send Them $14 Billion in New Military Aid AWC
  • South Africa Asks Genocide Court to Order Israel Halt Rafah Offensive The Institute 
  • Israel Proposes Creating US-Funded Tent Cities to Evacuate Rafah AWC
  • Israeli Checkpoints in West Bank Shrink Economy AP
  • Israel’s Ben Gvir Says Israeli Military Should Shoot Palestinian Women and Children AWC
  • US Will Not Punish Israel If It Goes Ahead with Rafah Attack Politico
  • Israeli Strikes on Rafah Kill 27 Children and 22 Women in One Night AP
  • US Gives Israel the Green Light to Kill Civilians in Rafah AWC
  • Netanyahu Rejects Hostage Deal Deal Drawn Up By Mossad, Shin Bet, and IDF AWC


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