News Roundup 2/7/19


  • Trump takes guidance from Marco Rubio on Venezuela policy. [Link]
  • NSA John Bolton says the US may lift sanctions on Venezuelan military officers who defect to the Juan Guaido government. [Link]
  • US sanctions are punishing the Venezuelan people. [Link]
  • The Wall Street Journal reports the Trump Administration’s regime change effort is part of a larger plan that also targets Cuba and Nicaragua. [Link]

The New Cold War

  • Alexander Lukin explains how the US policy experts misunderstood Russia after the fall of the USSR and turned Russia into an enemy. [Link]
  • Gilbert Doctorow outlines the beginning of the New Cold War with Russia in his book review of Stephen Cohen’s War With Russia. [Link]

Korean Peace

  • Trump will meet with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam on Feb 27th-28th. [Link]
  • The US and South Korea reach an agreement to split the cost of US troops deployed to South Korea. The talks on the cost-sharing agreement were at a standstill over Trump’s demand for South Korea to sharply increase its share of the costs. [Link]  


  • The Senate passes a bill that will allow states to punish businesses for boycotting Israel. The bill also includes several other laws that benefit Israel. [Link] Roll Call
  • The US will buy the Iron Dome missile defense system from Israel. [Link]


  • The Taliban say the US has agreed to withdraw half of US troops in Afghanistan by the end of April. [Link]
  • The Taliban restate their demand that all foreign forces leave Afghanistan in response to Trump suggesting the US keep a small number of US forces in Afghanistan indefinitely. [Link]  
  • The Afghan President says he will oppose any peace deal made between the US and the Taliban unless the Afghan government is the final decision maker. [Link]
  • The NY Times Editorial Board calls for an end to the War in Afghanistan. [Link]
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