News Roundup 3/6/2022

by | Mar 6, 2022

News Roundup 3/6/2022

by | Mar 6, 2022

News Roundup from The Libertarian Institute by Kyle Anzalone

US News

  • Brett Hankison – a former Kentucky police officer who fired into Breonna Taylor’s apartment was found not guilty of endangering her neighbors. [Link]
  • The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the FBI in a case brought by Muslim men who were spied on. [Link]


  • Haitian soldiers killed a journalist during a protest. [Link]
  • At least 150 Haitian migrants landed in the Florida Keys. [Link]


  • Several states are taking action to ban Russian products. [Link] [Link]
  • Twitter will issue a warning and limit the reach of tweets that link to RT and Sputnik. [Link]
  • Senator Joe Manchin says the US should keep a “no-fly zone” as an option for Ukraine. [Link]
  • Biden is pushing Congress to pass a $6.4 billion Ukraine bill. $2.9 billion will go towards security and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, the Baltics, Poland, and other regional countries. The remaining $3.5 billion will go to the Pentagon “to respond to the crisis.” [Link] The White House has increased its aid proposal request to $10 billion. [Link]
  • Only 26% of Americans want a major role in Ukraine. [Link]
  • The US and its European allies are considering barring all imports of Russian oil. [Link]
  • A Ukrainian official tells Fox News that his country is open to ‘non-NATO models.’ [Link]
  • Putin says he will continue his invasion of Ukraine until his objectives are met. [Link]
  • The UN says over 360 civilians have been killed in Ukraine. [Link]
  • Over 1.5 million people have fled the war in Ukraine. [Link]


  • The Philippines report the US donated improved target acquisition systems for its TOW anti-tank missiles. [Link]


  • The US Treasury Department granted some sanctions waivers that could boost local trade in Afghanistan. [Link] 

Middle East

  • Russian demands that US sanctions don’t impact the Iran deal. A senior Iranian official said the Russian demand was unproductive. [Link]
  • The Islamic State killed 15 Syrian soldiers. [Link]


  • The US announces new sanctions targeting the Houthis but does not name the group to the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. [Link]
  • 20,000 Yemenis have been displaced in 2022. [Link]
  • UN-sponsored talks to develop a ceasefire in Yemen fail to reach a deal. [Link]
  • The UN Security Council will consider a boycott of the Houthi. [Link]
  • Two Doctors Without Borders employees were kidnapped in Yemen. [Link]


  • A new prime minister is contesting the claim to power by the existing Libyan government. [Link]
  • AFRICOM announced its first airstrike in Somalia in 2022. The Somali military claimed to kill 60 al-Shabaab fighters in the region of the strike. [Link]

About Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, assistant editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter.

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