News Roundup 4/10/2024

by | Apr 10, 2024

News Roundup 4/10/2024

by | Apr 10, 2024


  • US Transfers Weapons Seized in Middle East to Ukraine The Institute 
  • US Announces $138 Million HAWK Air Defense Deal for Ukraine AWC
  • German Troops Arrive in Lithuania for First Permanent Deployment Since WWII AWC


  • US to Expand Naval Base in Papua New Guinea as Part of Anti-China Buildup AWC


  • Hamas, Israel Say No Progress Made in Ceasefire Talks AWC
  • Israel Seeks to Sell Weapons Used in Gaza Slaughter The Institute 
  • Netanyahu Says ‘There Is a Date’ for Rafah Invasion AWC
  • Support for Israel Has Changed Voters’ View of Biden Politico
  • Israel Is Destroying Gaza’s Ability to Produce Food Cradle
  • 71% of Israelis Want Netanyahu to Resign, Half Demand Immediate Elections TOI
  • Aid Experts Warn Gaza Death Toll Could Exceed 100,000 The Institute 
  • More Than 500,000 Democratic Voters Protest Biden’s Support of Gaza Slaughter AWC
  • World Marks Six Months of ‘Relentless Death and Destruction’ in Gaza AWC
  • Biden Says Israel Should Call a 6-8 Week Ceasefire in Gaza AWC
  • Erez Border Crossing Into Northern Gaza Still Not Open for Aid Despite Israeli Commitment AWC
  • Israeli Defense Minister Contradicts Netanyahu, Says No Date Set for Rafah Invasion AWC
  • Lloyd Austin Claims There’s ‘No Evidence’ of Genocide in Gaza AWC


  • Israel Kills Hezbollah Commander, Three Others in Airstrike on Southern Lebanon House AWC
  • Security Sources Deny Lebanese Politician’s Death Was Political Assassination AWC


  • Iran’s Foreign Minister Opens New Consulate in Damascus AWC
  • US Says It Conducted 94 Missions Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria This Year AWC

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