News Roundup 4/26/2023

by | Apr 26, 2023

News Roundup 4/26/2023

by | Apr 26, 2023

US News

  • Global weapon expenditures hit a record $2.24 trillion in 2022, an increase of nearly 4%, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The global watchdog found the trend was led by European countries returning to Cold-War spending levels, though the United States remained the world’s largest spender on war by far. The Institute 
  • Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaido, who the US backed in a failed coup attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, landed in Miami on Tuesday and is seeking “refuge” in the US, The Washington Post reported. AWC


  • The Biden administration is preparing for the possibility of Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive failing, POLITICO reported on Monday. AWC
  • The Washington Post reported Monday that Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate, known as HUR, was planning major strikes inside Russia in February that were postponed due to US pressure. AWC
  • An American plan to strengthen its economic war against Russia by banning all exports has not been well received by US allies. According to the Financial Times, the European Union and Japan have pushed back against a trade embargo on Moscow. The Institute 
  • Vladimir Yermakov, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Arms Control Department, said Tuesday that serious talks with the US and other Western countries aren’t possible. AWC
  • Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) is planning to introduce a resolution in the House that would declare it is US policy to seek a Ukrainian victory against Russia, which includes returning all Russian-controlled territory to Kyiv, including Crimea. AWC


  • Taiwanese Premier Chen Chien-jen confirmed on Monday that the US and Taipei are in talks about establishing a contingency stockpile of weapons for a future fight with China located on or near the island of Taiwan. AWC
  • A government review of Australia’s military capability has called for Canberra to make sweeping changes to better prepare for a future conflict with China, Australia’s largest trading partner. AWC
  • Hundreds of US Marines and US Army soldiers participated in military exercises on the Philippine island of Baton, just over 100 miles across the Bashi Channel from Taiwan. AWC


  • South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol told NBC News that the recent leak of Pentagon documents that exposed US spying on Seoul would not impact ties between the two nations. AWC


  • US officials said on Tuesday that the Taliban has killed an ISIS-K leader that was responsible for the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport during the US evacuation from Afghanistan, which killed 170 Afghan civilians and 13 US troops. AWC


  • Russia will host a meeting of intelligence and defense chiefs from Turkey, Syria, and Iran on Tuesday as part of an effort to work toward the normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus. AWC
  • The Syrian Defense Ministry said Tuesday that the issue of withdrawing Turkish troops from northern Syria was discussed during talks in Moscow between the defense ministers and intelligence chiefs of Syria, Turkey, Russia, and Iran. AWC


  • The US military has drones and ships deployed near Sudan to help Americans looking to flee the country after US special operations forces evacuated embassy personnel from Khartoum. AWC

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