News Roundup 4/8/19

Trump Administration

  • 14 high dollar donors to Trump’s inaugural fund have been nominated to be ambassadors.   [Link]
  • Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigns. [Link]

Criminal Justice

  • A Texas inmate was forced to use a blanket he was allergic to for ten years. The inmate made several requests for a cotton blanket before filing a lawsuit. [Link]
  • Arizona police officers forcibly remove a two-year-old child from his the home because a doctor was concerned about a fever. [Link]
  • The family of a seven-year-old girl – who was killed by a police officer – was awarded over $8 million by Detroit.  [Link]
  • Chelsea Manning remains in jail for refusing to testify in a secret federal court. [Link]

US Military

  • Recent testing shows some US troops are slowing being lead poisoned. [Link]
  • Two Marines died in a helicopter crash in Arizona. [Link]
  • Over a million American men have suffered for failing to register for the draft. [Link]


  • Doug Bandow argues that building an American military base in Poland encourages European countries to take less responsibility for their own defense. [Link]
  • Gilbert Doctorow explains NATO now exists without a real mission. [Link]
  • James Carden explains NATO lost its purpose when the Cold War ended. NATO is now causing unnecessary confrontations with Russia. [Link]
  • Col Douglas Macgregor: NATO is a Zombie


  • Field Marshal Haftar orders his forces to take Tripoli. [Link] Haftar’s forces have advanced to 11km south of Tripoli and carried out at least one airstrike. [Link]  
  • AFRICOM says all US forces temporarily have withdrawn from Libya. [Link]
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