News Roundup 5/8/19

US News

  • Scott Ritter breaks down some lies told by Joe Biden told about Iraqi WMDs. [Link]
  • Trump is asking for another $4.5 billion to enforce immigration law. [Link]
  • Trump signs an executive order to fill 300,000 government cybersecurity jobs. [Link]
  • The Pentagon claimed 120 civilians were killed by US military operations in 2018. The Pentagon counted civilian deaths in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. [Link]


  • Julian Assange told the UK court he will not surrender to the US for doing journalism. In the trial to extradite Assange to the US, Assange has an upcoming hearing date on May 30th and a more substantial court date on June 12th. [Link]
  • UN human rights experts say Assange’s 50-week sentence for violating bail is disproportionate. [Link]
  • Stefania Maurizi reminds us that Julian Assange is a human being. [Link]


  • Secretary of State Pompeo refuses to say if Trump would consult Congress before invading Venezuela. [Link]
  • CNN falsely reports Juan Guaido was elected president of Venezuela in January. [Link]


  • A pro-NATO candidate wins North Macedonia’s presidential election. [Link]


  • Russia and Syria set up attacks on terrorists in Idlib. [Link] Turkish backed Syrian rebels attack Kurdish YPG positions in northern Aleppo. [Link] Turkish media reports Syrian Kurds killed four Turkish soldiers in a cross border attack. [Link]


  • Rep Ed Royce read talking points from a Saudi lobbyist in a speech supporting the Yemen War. [Link]  
  • Amnesty calls on the Houthi to release ten journalists. [Link]
  • Doctors Without Borders releases an alarming report detailing how Saudi airstrikes are harming Yemeni women and children. [Link]
  • UN aid workers finally get access to tons of wheat in Hodeida. The silos have been cut off for months and the food was at risk for rotting. The UN believes it will be able to provide flour to Yemenis in weeks. [Link]
  • Fighting in Yemen is cutting the highway between Sanaa and Aden. [Link]
  • Houthi drone abilities exceed previous estimates. The drones have the range to reach Saudi and the UAE. [Link]
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