News Roundup 7/1/19


  • Putin and Trump meet at the G-20. Putin said Trump pushed the issue of Ukrainian sailors held by Russia. [Link]
  • Trump suggested improving dialog in talks with Putin. [Link]

North Korea

  • The US Envoy to North Korea says the US is ready for constructive talks with North Korea similar to the agreement made before the Hanoi summit. [Link]
  • Trump tweets he is willing to meet Kim Jong-un at the DMZ while he is traveling to South Korea. [Link]
  • Trump meets with Kim Jong-un at the DMZ and steps into North Korea. [Link]
  • Trump and Kim agreed to set up communication teams at the talks. [Link]
  • NSA John Bolton did not attend the meeting between Trump and Kim at the DMZ. [Link]


  • Canada sails warships through the Taiwan Strait. [Link] 
  • The US and China agree to resume trade talks. The US agreed to not put any new tariffs on China, and China agreed to buy US farm products. [Link]


  • Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian for throwing firecrackers at the soldiers. [Link]
  • Ehud Barack reenters Israeli politics to defeat Netanyahu. [Link]


  • The Senate votes down an amendment to the NDAA that would require Trump to get approval from Congress before attacking Iran. [Link]
  • The Pentagon says it did not try to link al-Qaeda and Iran in a briefing to Congress. The Pentagon did not assess that Iran’s ties with al-Qaeda allow the use of the 2001 AUMF to attack Iran. The Pentagon does admit to briefing Congress on the Taliban ties to Iran. [Link]
  • The US Envoy to Iran says any countries that import Iranian oil will be sanctioned. [Link]
  • Iran says not enough progress was made during talks with European nations in an attempt to save the nuke deal. [Link]
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