News Roundup 7/2/19

by | Jul 2, 2019

News Roundup 7/2/19

by | Jul 2, 2019

US News 

  • John Kiriakou explains high ranking House Democrat Adam Schiff is a war hawk that takes money from major weapons makers. [Link]
  • The NYT admits to sending stories to the government for approval. [Link]


  • The US sanctions Maduro’s son. [Link] 
  • Maduro allows the German ambassador to return to Venezuela. [Link]


  • The Taliban used suicide bombers to kill 19 people. Eight of the dead were election employees, and the rest were Afghan soldiers. The Afghan government claimed to kill 25 members of the Taliban. [Link]
  • Six people were killed, and over one hundred were injured by a truck bombing near the Afghan Defense Ministry. The Taliban claimed to be responsible for the attack. [Link] 
  • The US and Taliban officials are describing the current round of peace talks as crucial. The Afghan government formed a ‘ministry of peace before’ talks began. [Link]
  • Trump says he wants to leave Afghanistan but is afraid the country will be used by terrorists without US military to deter the threat. [Link]


  • The IAEA confirms Iran has followed through on a threat to exceed the cap of low enriched uranium that Iran is allowed to hold. Iran threatened to break the cap in response to the US breaking the Nuke Deal. [Link]
  • Iran’s Foreign Minister says Iran’s next step will be to enrich uranium past 3.67%. [Link]
  • Trump says the Iranians are ‘playing with fire’ by breaking the cap on enriched uranium. A White House source said the US does not want Iran enriching any uranium. [Link]
  • The UK Foreign Minister says if Iran breaks the nuclear deal, then the UK will leave the agreement. [Link]


  • Erdogan says the US will not sanction Turkey for buying the S-400 air defense system. [Link]
  • A Turkish soldier was killed at an observation post in Idlib. Syrian soldiers were likely behind the attack. [Link]


  • The US Envoy to Syria says allied nations will begin to backfill positions of US soldiers as the US prepares for the withdraw process. [Link]
  • The US carries out an airstrike against al-Qaeda in northwest Syria. [Link]

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