News Roundup 7/8/19

US News

  • A jury failed to convict accused war criminal Eddie Gallagher. His fellow soldiers witnessed him firing into a crowd of innocent people and murdering a captured teenage IS fighter. [Link]
  • Congressman Amash quits the Republican party. [Link] 


  • The US sanctions Cuba’s state oil company over ties to Venezuela. [Link]
  • The Venezuela government says US sanctions are preventing food and medicine from getting to Venezuelans. [Link]
  • The Venezuelan government and opposition will meet for talks. [Link]


  • France agrees to sell Romania $1.35 billion in warships. [Link]
  • An Italian judge frees a migrant boat captain who brought migrants to Italy after rescuing them. [Link]


  • NATO is considering upgrading their missile defense systems. The new system would be designed to stop Russian missiles. [Link]
  • NATO and Russia did not make progress in talks to save the INF Treaty. [Link]


  • Iran will begin enriching uranium past 3.67% on July 7th. [Link]
  • European countries war Iran not to break the JCPOA. [Link]
  • The UK seizes an Iranian oil tanker headed to Syria. [Link]


  • Eleven were killed in clashes between Egyptian police and militants in the Sinai. [Link]
  • The US has resumed supplying aid to the Somalia army. [Link]
  • Two hundred fifty people have been arrested by the Ethiopian government in connection with a coup attempt. [Link]
  • Militants killed more than 50 people in Ethiopia. [Link]
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