News Roundup 9/17/19


  • A UN fact-finding mission on Myanmar found that the Rohingya live under systematic persecution and are under the threat of genocide. [Link]


  • The Afghan government reports killing two Taliban governors. US airstrikes supported the Afghan army missions. The government claims to have killed over 100 Taliban fighters in the two operations. [Link]
  • The Taliban announced they have revoked the ban on the Red Cross and promise the security all of their aid workers. [Link]
  • China is threatening to veto the proposed UN Security Council resolution to renew the mission in Afghanistan. China is demanding the resolution include language support China’s ‘belt and road’ loans. The mission must be renewed annually and since 2016 has included language supporting the ‘belt and road’ [Link]
  • Another US soldier was killed in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Electrical pylons were destroyed in Afghanistan, leading to blackouts to a third of the country. [Link]

Attack on Saudi oil

  • Pompeo says Iran was behind the attack on Saudi infrastructure. Trump says he is waiting for confirmation from the Saudis. Saudi Arabia says Iranian weapons were used in the attack. Iran and the Houthi say that the Houthi carried out the attack. Estimates say that the damage to the oil infrastructure cut world oil production by 5%. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama provides detailed analysis on the attack and on who could have carried it out. The Saudi oil infrastructure will likely take weeks to repair. [Link]
  • Iran says Trump will not meet with the Iranian president at the UN later this month. [Link]

Middle East

  • Bahrain signed an agreement to purchase Patriot Missiles. [Link]
  • Several bombing in Turkey killed people. The PKK is accused of carrying out the attack. [Link]
  • The US says it will not need to send more troops to Syria to enforce a safe zone on the Syrian/Turkish border. There is estimated to be about 1,000 US troops in Syria. [Link]


  • Haftar’s forces carried out an airstrike against the UN-backed government-held Sirte. Haftar’s attempt to take Tripoli has stalled. [Link]
  • An airstrike killed two of Harfar’s commanders. Harfar is attempting to take Tripoli from the UN-backed government. [Link]

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