News Roundup 9/17/21

by | Sep 17, 2021

News Roundup 9/17/21

by | Sep 17, 2021

News Roundup from The Libertarian Institute by Kyle Anzalone

US News

  • John Durham’s investigation into Russiagate indicted lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI. Sussmann is responsible for crafting the fake Alfa-Bank narrative. [Link]
  • The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals dismisses Wikipedia’s lawsuit against the NSA. The court said the case could not move forward because it would violate state secrets. [Link]
  • The US will take part in 15-nation military drills in Ukraine. The Zapad 2021 games will involve 6,000 soldiers. [Link]


  • After signing a nuclear sub-sharing deal and defense pact with the US, Australia agreed to allow more US military aircraft to be deployed inside Australia. [Link]
  • Australia will host most US troops and possibly medium-range missiles. [Link]
  • France says it felt betrayed by the US, UK, and Australian pact. The agreement allows Australia to access American nuclear submarine technology. Australia canceled a $65 billion agreement with France to buy a fleet of submarines. [Link]


  • Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said CENTCOM is investigating the Aug 29th drone strike in Kabul that killed ten civilians, including seven children. CENTCOM head Gen. McKenzie called the strike righteous. [Link]
  • US Afghan Envoy Khalilzad said a tentative deal had been made with the Taliban to allow for a political transition before the Taliban entered Kabul. However, the former Afghan president Ghani fled before the deal could be made, leaving a security vacuum in Kabul. The Taliban then entered the city. [Link]

Middle East

  • The Israeli navy has increased its presence in the Red Sea. [Link]
  • The State Department approved $500 million in military support services – mostly helicopter maintenance – for Saudi Arabia. Biden pledged to end “offensive support” for Saudi Arabia’s military. [Link]
  • At least 50 people were killed in the past 24 hours in Yemen. Reports say 30 Houthi and 20 Saudi-backed government fighters were killed. [Link]
  • The Southern Transitional Council declared a state of emergency as major protests broke out over the economic condition in southern Yemen. [Link]


  • The US threatened additional sanctions against Ethiopia, Eritrea, and other parties to the conflict in Tigray. [Link]

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Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, assistant editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter.

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