News Roundup 9/6/19

US News

  • The US is sending about 600 troops to Guyana. [Link]


  • Ukraine and Russia are close to a prisoner exchange agreement. [Link]

Middle East

  • A Taliban suicide bomber killed ten people in Kabul. [Link]
  • The US says it will blacklist any ship that provides fuel to a blacklisted Iranian ship. [Link]
  • Israel considered unilateral strikes against Iran, believing the US would go along. [Link]
  • Turkey is looking to resettle one million Syrian refugees along a ‘safe zone’ in northern Syria. Turkey says if Europe does not support the plan, then Turkey will reopen corridors allowing refugees to flow into Europe. [Link]


  • Amanda Sperber explains the US soldiers are assisting a special group of Somali soldiers – Danab. The Americans and Somali soldiers have carried out operations that led to the deaths of several civilians. [Link]
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