11/22/19 Michael Boldin on the PATRIOT Act

11/22/19 Michael Boldin on the PATRIOT Act

Michael Boldin describes the appalling state of an American government that has strayed so far from its founding principles as codified by the constitution. Today the federal government wields so much power over every aspect of our lives that the only rational choice is to seize as much control as possible while your party is winning, and then hope that your opponents don’t abuse that same power too much while they are. Tom Woods calls this a perpetual low-grade civil war. The alternative, which our founders envisioned and which Boldin still feels is possible, is leaving as much as we can up to states and cities, so that the people of California and Idaho and Virginia can mostly live their own way without caring if people across the country want to live differently. His organization is advocating this type of local resistance to federal laws on drugs, police and surveillance powers, national guard conscription, and many others.

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Michael Boldin is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, which advocates state nullification as a means of local resistance to unjust federal laws. Follow him on Twitter @michaelboldin.

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