11/5/18 Stephen Walt on a Realist Foreign Policy

Professor Stephen Walt comes on the show to talk about his new book on American foreign policy. He explains the doctrine of “foreign policy realism,” which tries to objectively evaluate the consequences of military endeavors, and not focus excessively on the morality of stopping bad people across the world. For example, if the United States keeps trying to remake the Middle East, the unintended victims tend to want retribution, no matter how noble the intentions of spreading liberalism were. Of course, it’s not even a given that American intentions are noble to begin with, which Scott presses Walt on. Walt goes on to discuss his idea of “offshore balancing.”

Discussed on the show:

Stephen Walt is Professor of International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School, and the author of Taming American Power: The Global Response to U.S. Primacy. He is a regular contributor to ForeignPolicy.com. Follow him on Twitter @stephenWalt.

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