2/22/19 MJ Rosenberg Explains How AIPAC Really Works

2/22/19 MJ Rosenberg Explains How AIPAC Really Works

M.J. Rosenberg discusses the controversy over representative Ilhan Omar’s recent comments about AIPAC, which caused everyone in and around the Israel lobby to lose their collective minds. The main problem with the outrage, explains Rosenberg, is that she’s basically correct; AIPAC really does wield enormous influence over both parties in Washington, only it has more to do with political power and the United States’ greater relationship with Israel than with actual campaign contributions.

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M.J. Rosenberg is a former Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network, before which he worked on Capitol Hill for 15 years for various Democratic members of the House and Senate. You can find him on Twitter @rosenberg_mj.

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