3/16/23 Dave DeCamp on the Drone Incident, the Battle for Bakhmut and Escalations over Taiwan

3/16/23 Dave DeCamp on the Drone Incident, the Battle for Bakhmut and Escalations over Taiwan

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Dave DeCamp returned to Antiwar Radio this week to discuss developments in Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia. Scott and DeCamp talk about the U.S. drone encounter with Russian fighters over the Black Sea, the horrific battle for Bakhmut and the unnecessary tensions with China over Taiwan.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Who’s Your George Ball?” (Hersh Substack [paywall])
  • “Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut: ‘Our troops are not being protected’” (Kyiv Independent)
  • “US Intelligence Officials See China Preparing for Fight ‘They Don’t Want’” (VOA)
  • “China: For some, where restraint ends and hawkishness begins” (Responsible Statecraft)

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of Antiwar.com and the host of Antiwar News with Dave DeCamp. Follow him on Twitter @decampdave

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