3/20/18 Jonathan Schwarz on the history and lies of the Iraq War

3/20/18 Jonathan Schwarz on the history and lies of the Iraq War

The Intercept’s Jon Schwarz returns to discuss the history of the Iraq War 15 years after one of the most shameful events in U.S. history. Schwarz and Scott run through and debunk the myriad lies and propaganda that were spread before and after the invasion. Schwarz then details through the major players in and out of the government who cheerleaded for war in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. The two then discuss the role Ariel Sharon and the Israeli government pumped the Bush administration with even more lies.

Jon Schwarz is a writer for The Intercept. Previously he worked for documentary film maker Michael Moore and his blog Tiny Revolution. Follow him on Twitter @schwarz.

Discussed on the show:

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