4/2/21 Larry Wilkerson on the Global Struggle for Power in Asia

4/2/21 Larry Wilkerson on the Global Struggle for Power in Asia

Scott talks to Larry Wilkerson, former army Colonel and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, about America’s involvement in Asia, both during his time in the federal government and today. Wilkerson calls America’s exploits over the last few decades a part of “The Great Game,” a reference to the conflict between global powers like the British and Russian Empires over territory in the Middle East and the rest of Asia. This competition for hegemony never really ended, he says, although the players and stakes have changed to some extent. These days, the U.S. competes with China and Russia for control over fossil fuel supplies, trade routes and access to the nuclear stockpiles of smaller powers like Pakistan. But he and Scott agree that we have no business whatsoever trying to be the dominant power halfway across the world, and should pull our focus back to our own problems.

Discussed on the show:

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