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5/25/22 Mark Thornton on Paper Money, Housing Bubbles and Free Trade

5/25/22 Mark Thornton on Paper Money, Housing Bubbles and Free Trade

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Scott is joined by Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, to discuss an article he wrote recently on the current housing bubble. They begin by discussing the damage that unbacked government-managed paper money does to the United States and the world. They relate that back to our current economic situation where we are feeling the effects of the enormous monetary expansion the Fed unleashed in 2020. Next, they turn to housing where Thornton, who was an early observer of the housing bubble that crashed in 2007, explains how that bubble has evolved into what we have today. Lastly, they discuss the virtues of free trade and the problems with government-run “free trade blocs.” 

Discussed on the show:

Mark Thornton is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute. His most recent book is The Skyscraper Curse: And How Austrian Economists Predicted Every Major Economic Crisis of the Last Century. Follow him on Twitter @DrMarkThornton 

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