5/29/20 Ron Enzweiler on the Continued Gaslighting of the American Public on the Pensacola Terrorist Attack

5/29/20 Ron Enzweiler on the Continued Gaslighting of the American Public on the Pensacola Terrorist Attack

Ron Enzweiler discusses the narratives surrounding domestic terrorist attacks like the one in Pensacola, Florida last December. Too often, these incidents are practically ignored, disappearing from the news before anyone can dig deeply into the details. When they are covered, the story often conveniently revolves around the idea that the attacker supposedly hated American freedoms or was simply radicalized by a dangerous form of Islam. In reality, says Enzweiler, these terrorists are often very specific in describing their motives: they are trying to strike back at America for its detrimental and unjust role in conducting aggressive wars in the Middle East, where it has no business. Talking about these motives is not in any way to excuse the murder of American citizens. But Enzweiler and Scott agree that if we want to prevent future attacks, we must first understand the conditions under which they are likely to take place.

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Ron Enzweiler is an air force veteran and worked for USAID in Iraq for seven years. He is the author of When Will We Ever Learn. You can follow his writing at Antiwar.com.

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