5/23/17 Jacob Hornberger on the drug war and his upcoming conference on JFK

5/23/17 Jacob Hornberger on the drug war and his upcoming conference on JFK

Scott interviews Jacob Hornberger with the Future of Freedom Foundation at FFF.org.  Jacob talks about his upcoming conference, “The National Security State and JFK”, at the Dulles Airport Marriot in Northern Virginia on June 3rd, 2017, at which both Ron Paul and Oliver Stone will speak.

Hornberger also talks about the ongoing drug war in Mexico and how the laws of supply and demand can’t be overridden by a drug crackdown, even one as extensive as in Mexico, which involved the Mexican military going after drug lords. The total and absolute failure of the drug war is spoken about at length, including why the conventional thinking is flawed and the approach of most people in the country to this issue doesn’t address the core problem of drug addiction or the drug trade.

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