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6/10/19 Doug Bandow on the Threats of War in Europe and Asia

6/10/19 Doug Bandow on the Threats of War in Europe and Asia

Scott talks to Doug Bandow about North Korea, China, Russia, and the rest of eastern Europe. Bandow holds out hope for the negotiations with North Korea, but fears the dangerous rhetoric coming from neoconservatives about America’s relationship with China. They are not America’s enemies, he explains, they just want their own region to be free of U.S. influence.

Discussed on the show:

  • “China Isn’t an Enemy and Hawks Shouldn’t Turn It Into One” (The American Conservative)
  • “Forget the U.S.-China Trade War: Is a Conflict Over Taiwan the Real Threat?” (Cato Institute)
  • “The Latest Balkans Breakdown Is None of Washington’s Business” (Cato Institute)
  • “Understanding the Failure of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Albright Doctrine” (The National Interest)

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and a regular contributor at Forbes Magazine, the National Interest, and elsewhere. He’s on Twitter @Doug_Bandow.

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